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About Us

Norfolier GreenTec develops and delivers refuse sacks, bags and post consumer PELD regranulate. We have a wide range of standard products and tailor-made solutions.

Norfolier works closely with our customers to deliver tailored solutions based on customer specific needs.

With nearly 50 years experience, Norfolier has a good market position in Northern Europe and is growing at a steady pace.  Our customers are well known international and local companies who demand excellent service. Norfolier's service concept emphasizes personal relationships and customized IT and logistics solutions for efficient delivery. That means fast, reliable deliveries - at the lowest possible cost.

As one of the leading recycler of plastic waste in the Nordic region, Norfolier cooperates closely with environmental agencies, government agencies and retailers to help protect the environment by working actively to recycle our products.

Norfolier is a privately held company owned by Norwegian investors and management.